Sweet Sleep 101

Sweet Sleep 101 is a work book that will help you get results through a series of safe, easy and proven exercises designed to bring relaxation, ease and reduce tension naturally!

Sleep Sweet Sleep is a sleep system that combines;

  • Feldenkrias exercises to increase the flow of oxygen through your whole body’s movement patterns while breathing naturally. This is experiential learning through scientifically designed exercises that work with the mechanics of your whole body structure. Simple natural breath comes through a combination of supportive movements that considers the respiratory, nervous, cardio-vascular and the psychological systems.
  • Urban Feng Shui techniques for discovering how you can create the perfect luxurious conditions for yourself in order to relax and simplify going to sleep and staying asleep. Find out how to have a gorgeous personal space simply by shifting the contents to fit the space and floor plan.
  • getting InTouch skills to simply the to do lists, re-living the day’s events and the longings that rattle around in your head as you try to shut off your mind.

“I felt like I was going to sleep and as I continued in the movement I felt only what I could describe as energized.”… Julie

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