“We spend a large portion of our time in our bedrooms to relax and rest for the next day.  The one area that could be our place of nurturing and regeneration has for many become a place of dread. Environments are as important as willpower.  If your bedroom is not set up to support you, you will struggle with sleeping.” Renee Lindstrom

Awareness and Potential

“These methods offer a system that supports you in other medical treatments, finding restful sleep, therapy, or fitness programs by increasing your understanding of self when in movement.  This increased awareness improves your ease of motion, flexibility, and body awareness.  It is meant to reduce effort and increase your awareness of your body’s potential as you become more aware of your moving parts. ”   Renee Lindstrom

‘Equal Partners in Health Care’

“You are an equal partner in any health care experience.  For change you will need to be at ease, have confidence in your health care provider  and experience free choice and options.  If you are receiving sleeping pills as first aid solutions and your experiences are being labelled as conditions you become dependent and the problem becomes chronic.  It may be life changing to begin to support your first aid treatments with somatic learning techniques  ”  Renee Lindstrom